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  • HAL-HVX501


    HalTech introduces a brand new designed HVX501 handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) meter and it can easily take a quick and accurate measurement of VOC levels. Featuring the best-available-on-the-market photo-ionization-detector (PID) sensor technology, the HVX501 can detect a wide variety of organic compounds and some inorganic gases (a few hundreds of chemicals) in ambient air.


    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HVX501 Handheld VOC meter

  • HAL-HCO202


    HalTech’s HCO202 handheld carbon dioxide meter makes it easy to take quick and accurate measurement of CO2 levels. Featuring the dual-beam, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption gas sensor technology, the HCO202 has a wide measuring range and quick response to ambient changes in carbon dioxide concentration with long-term stability and durability.

    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HCO202 Handheld CO2 meter

  • HAL-HCO107


    HalTech’s HCO107 Carbon Monoxide Meter makes it easy to take quick measurements of low CO levels. Featuring the newest generation of electrochemical sensors, the HCO107 is a point-to-sample instrument and responds very quickly to ambient changes in CO concentration with a built-in pump. The special circuitry design allows for no drift and accurate measurements.

    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HCO107 Handheld CO meter

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