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  • HAL-HVX501


    HalTech introduces a brand new designed HVX501 handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) meter and it can easily take a quick and accurate measurement of VOC levels. Featuring the best-available-on-the-market photo-ionization-detector (PID) sensor technology, the HVX501 can detect a wide variety of organic compounds and some inorganic gases (a few hundreds of chemicals) in ambient air.


    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HVX501 Handheld VOC meter

  • HAL-HCO202


    HalTech’s HCO202 handheld carbon dioxide meter makes it easy to take quick and accurate measurement of CO2 levels. Featuring the dual-beam, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption gas sensor technology, the HCO202 has a wide measuring range and quick response to ambient changes in carbon dioxide concentration with long-term stability and durability.

    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HCO202 Handheld CO2 meter

  • HAL-HCO107


    HalTech’s HCO107 Carbon Monoxide Meter makes it easy to take quick measurements of low CO levels. Featuring the newest generation of electrochemical sensors, the HCO107 is a point-to-sample instrument and responds very quickly to ambient changes in CO concentration with a built-in pump. The special circuitry design allows for no drift and accurate measurements.

    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HCO107 Handheld CO meter

  • HAL-HFX205


    The HAL-HFX205 formaldehyde monitor/meter is designed for use in a wide variety of applications such as furniture, floor boards, wall papers, paint, gardening, indoor decoration, construction, dye stuffs, paper manufacture, pharmaceutical, medical, food, cleaning, synthetic resins, textile treatment, horticulture and cosmetics.

    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HFX205 User Manual

  • MCSA-16K


    The MCSA-16K Pocket Multi-Channel Signal Analyzer is a unique test and measurement instrument. It can be useful for applications in electronic, nuclear and optical spectral signal analyzing. The MCSA-16K is specially designed for application of particle pulse height analysis (PHA) and instrument calibration.

    Product Data Sheet: MCSA-16K Multichannel Analyzer

  • HAL-HPC600


    HAL-HPC600 6-channel handheld laser particle counter is the world's first of its kind hybrid handheld optical particle counter. The instrument is a truly breakthrough of new generation of particle counters that combines the traditional handheld instruments with functionalities of portable instruments for ultra-clean environment and indoor air quality applications.

    Product Data Sheet: HAL-HPC600 Product Data Sheet

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